Nigeria as a nation is plagued by peasant upheavals, conflicts; political instability, electoral violence, terrorism, crises homicides genocides, diseases, injustice and human right abuse etc. which seems to defile various international peace mission international peace mission urgently requires the intervention of a private peace initiative like GENERATION FOR PEACE FOUNDATION.



Generations For Peace Foundation was established by a group of peace loving think tank Nigeria personalities across the nation that are concern and totally committed to the sovereignty of Nigeria through peaceful resolution for the unborn generations.



In our approach we strategically adopt the approach to standardize the establishment of Generation for Peace Foundation to consolidate the spirit, efforts and aspiration of the present and past leaders for the peaceful co-existence of their people through the nation of Nigeria in this we organize (NIGERIA PEACE LEGENDARY APPEAL) award annually to reward deserving outstanding peace achievers anywhere in the world.



The establishment of the organization has drawn this far because we believe that dealing with the subject of peace is dealing with the whole world and Nigeria in particular especially from its historical and cultural basis this we generally believed will lead to the fulfillment of in depth conception of our aspiration as a  people and patriots in this our scope is unlimited to the Generations For Peace Foundation stories to establish offices all over the states of Nigeria in order to reach the grass root that this organization is established to protect.


Generations For Peace Foundation is funded by voluntary donations from members and the general public based on the budget and need of the organization.

Though for special program’s, funds are raised through other non governmental organizational locally and internationally individuals, government, international donors, funding  agencies, partners, affiliates and corporate bodies to consolidate our efforts.


Generation For Peace Foundation is a private, non profitable humanitarian organization established across the nation that are concerned and totally commited to the soverinity of Nigeria through peaceful resolution for the unborn generation with its special focus on fighting poverty in Nigeria delivering emergency aid to survivors at war and national disasters and working along with poor women in rural communities.